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We screen all providers for you and make sure that you get a selection of 100% real renewable energy providers. So you can be sure you will make the right decision.
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Prices (cents per kWh): renewable energy vs conventional energy
Renewable energy is already cheaper than conventional energy. In the future, prices are predicted to drop even further. This way you will be able to save even more when you switch to renewable energy with morpheus.

Do you really have renewable energy? Find out now!

What our users have to say

  • Peggy Meißner

    "The website design is really beautiful and the switching process is very intuitive. I am thrilled!🌍"

  • Kai Saskia Engels

    "And now I have already switched? How easy and relaxed!👍👍👍"

  • Leon Schneidewind

    "Finally a site where I can switch to pure renewable energy in no time at all. It's also very transparent and informative. I can only recommend it!" ⚡🚀

  • Aaron Röver

    "Protecting the climate doesn't have to be expensive. With morpheus, I found a sustainable energy provider and at the same time didn't burden my wallet. Super easy and fair!" 🙌

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