Ecological decisions should be easy

A major ecological challenge of our time is the energy transition. That's why we screen renewable energy providers, compare them and make sure that you get a selection of 100% real renewable energy providers so that you can contribute to the energy transition.

We actively invest our revenues in the further development of morpheus and the implementation of the energy transition in order to achieve the greatest impact. We therefore are impact-driven at our core.

The morpheus criteria


100% renewable

We offer rates from providers, that only provide renewable energy in their portfolio. No compromises.



We make sure that the providers are completely independent from corporations that deal with fossil fuels in any way.



It is crucial for us, that our partners are actively promoting the energy transition by supporting the expansion of renewable energy power plants.

Meet the dream team!

Favourite breakfast:

Green smoothie!

Super power:

Make the team laugh at least once per meeting.


There are no problems. Only solutions.

Favourite sentence:

Let's go!

Favourite question:

How can we make it more sustainable?

1 switch = 1 tree

For every person who switches to 100% real renewable energy with morpheus, we want to make an impact elsewhere.

hand holding a plant svg icon

Eden Reforestation Projects plants a tree in Kenya on our behalf with every change. Feel free to contact us for more info!

Become a partner!

Do you work for a green electricity company and you would like to work with us? Do you want to give us feedback so that we can improve our service ...
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