How much CO2 do you save by changing with morpheus?

Quite a lot, to be honest. Together we have already saved 45,000 kg of CO2. For comparison: that's the equivalent of about 10 elephants...

In 2020, the German electricity mix consisted of more than 50% renewable energy for the first time. And to a large extent, this milestone is thanks to the heroes who decided to switch to real renewable energy. We think it's really important to also communicate the impact you can have by choosing your green electricity provider. Every switch counts!

And with many new morpheus members, we collectively have a BIG impact. By switching through morpheus, all our members are helping to save even more CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Together we have already saved as much CO2 as 10 elephants or 600 people weigh on average! That's like planting 4500 trees together.

Calculate the impact

Wondering how we get to 9 elephants, 600 people or 4500 trees? Here comes the explanation of the calculations: Every electricity provider is obliged to state the CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour. We assume that you are with the basic supplier. Since you have indicated your consumption per year, we can calculate your annual CO2 emissions. We then compare this with your CO2 emissions with your new renewable energy provider (0 kg!) and we know how much you could save by choosing a 100% real provider. We then calculate how many trees can absorb this CO2 within one year. Our calculations are based on an average deciduous tree in Central Europe. Each tree absorbs different amounts of CO2, depending on tree species, age, location, etc. but as a guideline, this tree absorbs about 10 kg of CO2 per year.

And if you are reading this blog and haven't changed yet: In just 5 minutes you can join us and increase our impact. All you need is your electricity meter number, the name of your current electricity supplier and, of course, your personal details. So, what are you waiting for!

If you have any questions, you can always reach us via our brand new chat on the bottom left. We'd love to help you finally get rid of fossil fuels.

#joinmorpheus & Let's go!