Is there fake renewable energy? What is real renewable energy? It's all a question of definition... - The morpheus criteria!

"But conventional comparison portals also offer green energy! Is that wrong now?"

This is probably the most frequent question we are asked. And rightly so, because on the major comparison portals you can now find a range of renewable energy rates or even sustainable renewable energy rates - whatever this means... 

The problem with the term "renewable energy" It is not defined what exactly it means.

For example: a renewable energy rate where the electricity generated comes from a hydroelectric power plant, which is in the portfolio of the electricity producer next to 30 coal-fired power plants and 10 nuclear power plants, and is advertised next to 5 energy rates that sell energy from fossil fuels, can be sold as renewable energy in exactly the same way as the regionally and independently generated energy from your own roof or from a small renewable energy provider. Pretty intransparent and undifferentiated, isn't it? We think one contributes significantly more to the implementation of the energy transition than the other. We would describe one as real renewable energy, the other rather less so...

But what is real green energy in concrete terms? Our criteria:

In order to bring more transparency into the whole thing and to be able to make differentiated judgements, we at morpheus have defined certain criteria that must be met in order to be considered a real renewable energy provider. In a nutshell, it looks like this:

  1. 100% renewable sources

  2. independent of coal & nuclear power

  3. active promotion of the energy transition

In longhand, this means: 100% of the energy sold by a renewable energy provider must come from renewable sources. The provider must be 100% independent of corporations that operate nuclear or coal-fired power plants or deal with energy from fossil sources. If renewable energy providers buy energy from power generation plants (for example, run-of-river power plants or wind farms), their owners may have no more than ⅓ of their shares in the coal and nuclear industries. Under no circumstances may they make new investments in fossil energies! Renewable energy providers should actively promote the energy transition by, for example, investing in the expansion of renewable energies or purchasing renewable energy from new plants. Optionally, we are also happy if renewable energy providers are with a green bank and are certified with green electricity labels. This is not a basic requirement, however, because labels cost money and we also want to make it possible for small producers to be listed with us, as long as all other criteria are met.

Whenever a new renewable energy provider joins Team morpheus, all these questions must be clarified. If a renewable energy provider no longer meets these criteria while listed with us, the consequence is that we can no longer continue to work together. The morpheus criteria are very, very important to us and give us the opportunity to make a definition of genuine renewable energy tangible.

What is real renewable energy for you? Let's discuss!

Feel free to send us a message via the feedback tool, Facebook or Instagram. We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts and starting a discussion. Because our criteria are far from perfect and we are always happy to engage in discourse and tweak them, together with you. #joinmorpheus

Windrad im Sonnenblumenfeld.