Why is it important, that my energy supplier offers renewables only?

Choosing your energy provider boosts the energy transition and makes a big contribution to doing justice to the planet and future generations.

At morpheus, we firmly believe that energy should be 100% renewable. That's what we're committed to. Let's face it, fossil fuels just aren't up to date anymore, or what do you think?

If you care about standing up for our planet, you should fight for clean energy in your own way, big and small. Choosing your green energy supplier can be a big part of that. We believe it's important to choose not only a rate with 100% real renewable energy, but also a 100% sustainable supplier.

Think of it this way: If you get a rate with 100% real renewable energy from a green energy provider that offers some rates that are not 100% renewable, then your hard-earned money is helping that company grow. So your money is helping to support fossil energy. The supplier you're with gets bigger and because of the profits they make from you, they'll be supplying more people with polluting rates. So it's really just better to support a 100% real renewable energy provider.

For this reason, at morpheus we only have real renewable energy providers who do not have a rate with fossil fuels in their portfolio and are not otherwise associated with fossil fuels.

What do you think about it? Is it important to you that the entire company acts sustainably, or is it enough for you if the product or service you buy is sustainable? Let us know, write to us on Instagram and Facebook. We look forward to an exciting exchange!