Frequently Asked Questions

morpheus, founded by Felix and Elisa, is a sustainable business from Berlin. Together we have a vision: To drive ecological change! We want to make our world a truly sustainable and future-proof place, and make it possible to simply switch ecologically. Starting with our daily energy consumption.

No large companies or corporations hold shares in morpheus. Currently, only the 2 founders and the best developer team in the world are behind morpheus. Should other people join us who share our vision, we will of course communicate this openly.

At morpheus, we offer you a simple and intuitive way to minimize your environmental footprint in an instant by switching to real renewable energy.

We want to put an end to the eternal dilemma and combine comfort with climate friendliness. You can be sure that we have thoroughly checked all the renewable energy providers listed on our website. You have a quick overview, you know you can't make a wrong decision and the switch succeeds with just a few clicks. This makes your contribution to a sustainable society super easy.

With morpheus you can be sure that you are switching to a provider that offers 100% real renewable energy. 

  1. 100% of the energy comes from renewable sources.

  2. complete independence from corporations that operate nuclear or coal-fired power plants or deal in energy from fossil sources.

  3. if electricity suppliers buy electricity from power generation plants (example: run-of-river power plant), their owners may have no more than ⅓ of their business intertwined with the coal and nuclear industries. New investments are not permitted.

  4. active promotion of the energy transition

  5. optional: the provider displays one or more labels (Green Power Label, ok Power Label, TÜV Nord/SÜD Label).

    1. Why is this optional? Labels cost money, we also want to enable small providers to be listed with us. We know the struggle :D

Finally, we also have a personal meeting with them and if everything is in agreement and we are sure that we can guarantee you the best possible choice of renewable energy providers, we will take a new provider on board.

Yes! morpheus is 100% free for you as a user. There are no fees for using morpheus or for switching to another provider. You only have to pay your electricity bill when you sign a new contract, just like with your current provider.

We get a commission from the renewable energy provider if you sign a contract there. But the electricity contract is NOT more expensive for you! Our list of switching options is not sorted by whether we get a commission or not. We don't want to influence you to our advantage and the listing only refers to your biggest price saving. In addition, we plant a tree in Kenya with every switch. Eden Reforestation Projects does a great job here!

Every energy provider is obligated to disclose the CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour. We assume that you are with the primary provider. Since you have specified your consumption per year, we can calculate your annual CO2 emissions. We then compare this with your CO2 emissions with your new renewable Voilà: you save 100%!The savings are based on the assumption that you are with the primary provider, since we do not know your current electricity contract.

By entering your zip code, we know which electricity provider is your primary provider and how expensive the electricity is there. Based on your consumption per year, we can calculate your electricity costs. Then we compare the price at the primary provider and the price at your new renewable energy provider. Voilà: Your savings!

The "tree consumption" indicates how many trees would have to absorb CO2 for 1 year so that the CO2  released is offset by your electricity consumption. Our calculations are based on an average deciduous tree in Central Europe. This tree absorbs about 10 kg CO2  per year. If your CO2 emission is 450 kg, your "tree consumption" is 45 trees.  

No. We do not yet have any replacement options for night storage tank or heat pump contracts. We are working on it!

For open jobs check out our website under Career and contact us via the contact form or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

If you have any suggestions or ideas please send us an email or use our feedback function.

It is important to us to do everything possible to protect your data. We only store the most necessary data and pay attention to secure encryption. We comply with the DS-GVO and treat your data as what it is: sensitive and very personal. We do not sell it to third parties for advertising purposes or the like and do everything possible to guarantee you the highest possible security! If you have specific questions, please send us an e-mail or take a look at our privacy policy

If you change to a renewable energy provider with morpheus, you are on the safe side and can't do much wrong. We guarantee through careful research that all energy providers that we offer will provide you with 100% real renewable energy.

If you should - for whatever reason - change to another provider, make sure you pay attention to points such as independence from large companies that also market fossil fuels, fair rates, short contract periods and price guarantees. Because renewable energy is not a protected term and the electricity market is teeming with greenwashing offers. Many suppliers who advertise with renewable energy are unfortunately not independent of coal and nuclear power.

You can find the meter number on your electricity meter and on your electricity contract. There you will also find your contract number. In some cases you can also find both numbers in the online login of your energy provider.

Your electricity meter is located either directly in your apartment, in the stairwell or in the basement. If you cannot find it, you can always contact your landlord or the property management or - if available - ask the janitor.

The new provider usually delivers from the next month or the month after next. It can take longer if the old contract has a longer term and notice periods must be observed. If you decide to use a new provider after you have moved in, it is often possible to backdate your contract so that the delivery is valid from the date you moved in. When you have already cancelled your old contract, your new contract starts on the day, when your old contract ends.

No. You only have to continue to pay your electricity costs as before. The price of the new electricity contract can of course differ from the old one but there are no costs for the change itself. Often you can even save money, because many renewable energy rates are already cheaper than older energy rates.

No, a permanent energy supply is guaranteed. If you have not signed a contract yourself, the basic supplier will continue to supply you with electricity, which is often very expensive and not ecological. Even if you make a change, your energy supply will not be interrupted.

In most cases it is possible to sign a contract up to 6 months in advance. So if you want to change now, but your old contract is still running for a few months and you are afraid of missing the cancellation period or just want to check it off your to-do list, you can arrange the change now.

If you move, you should choose a new provider as soon as possible and order the delivery on the move-in date. You will need the meter number of the new apartment. In our change form there is the option I am moving (yes/no). Choose (yes) and we will inform your new electricity provider that your old electricity contract can be cancelled due to the move. If you do nothing until you move in, you will be supplied by the local basic supplier. But even then a change of supplier is still possible without any problems. If you act quickly, the new supplier may be able to backdate and take over the supply from the moment you move in.

In case of disturbances or a power failure you can contact your local network operator. Who that is is usually listed on your annual bill or your electricity meter. Otherwise, you can find out who he is by looking up your zip code on the Internet.

Your electricity provider is most likely the basic supplier. This provider is usually very expensive and automatically supplies you with electricity if you do not sign a contract with another provider. More on this in the question: What is the basic supply?

The basic supply is the supply of energy by the basic supplier. This in turn is the local power supply company, which supplies most people in your area with electricity. Every household customer is entitled to this and can find out from the local grid operator who the basic supplier in his:her region is.

No, as soon as you give us a change order we will forward it to your new energy provider. Your new energy provider will then cancel the contract with your old one. You do not have to worry about anything anymore!

If you have never changed your energy provider and are buying electricity from the basic supplier, you have to give 2 weeks notice. If you have another electricity contract, the cancellation period agreed here applies.

The electricity price is made up of costs for electricity generation and purchase, distribution, taxes, grid usage fees, costs for the operation of the metering point and taxes/charges. 

The levies/charges include the concession fee, the EEG levy, the KWKG levy, the offshore grid levy, the levy for loads that can be switched off and the levy according to §19 of the Electricity Grid Charges Ordinance (source: Federal Network Agency).

The working price is per kilowatt hour and varies according to consumption. It is made up of procurement costs, grid fees, concession fees (charges to cities and municipalities), state taxes and other charges. The basic price refers to a fixed monthly amount, which is independent of your consumption and which you pay to your energy provider. It is made up of supply and transfer price.

No! For a long time, renewable energy was more expensive than conventional energy. However, demand has increased considerably and you can now often even save money. Especially compared to the basic supply. In addition, you make an important and active contribution to environmental protection, which cannot be measured in money, we think...